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Extract ALL the data you need from Dynamics 365 - No need for extending or creating custom data entities
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Getting insight into your data can often be a time-consuming and costly affair. Reporting and analysis projects usually require large investments in resources and time.
ERP systems are optimized for user interaction and not for heavy reporting and data analysis. This will often cause sluggish and un-intuitive built-in reporting options.
To overcome these challenges, SCALES has developed a tool, that can either build your entire Business Intelligence (BI) platform, giving you insight within days, or be used by your internal BI development team to substantially speed up Dynamics BI development. Either way, there are no trade-offs in regards to neither infrastructure challenges nor proper BI best practices.

Optimized for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, 2012 and D365FO/CE data analysis
Quickly gain insight to your data in interactive reports and dashboards
Rapid and agile development allows insight in a matter of days
Access your analysis from anywhere on any device
Substantially simplifies the complex data structures in Dynamics
Open your data up for self-service BI, without compromising security

With the introduction of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, direct access to data is no longer an option. Instead, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations introduces Data Entities. Data Entities is a representation of the data structure. For example the master data for a project is split into multiple tables. The Project Data Entity combines these tables, and gives a "flat" view of a project.
This is usefull in many aspects of Dynamics (for example editing the Data Entity directly in Excel), but it can can be quite cumbersome for business intelligence developers. Even though Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations includes more than 2000 data entities as standard, a lot of data is not represented. For BI developers, accessing data will often require a Dynamics developer and a Dynamics 365 deployment for the data to be available.
BIBuilder4Dynamics includes a unique data extractor, that can access all data in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Customer Engagement. After the initial installation, there is no need to include Dynamics developers or infrastucture specialist. A BI developer can via a point-and-click interface select from all the data in Dynamics. Even if new tables or fields are added to Dynamics, BIBuilder4Dynamics will automatically detect these and they will be available for data extraction.

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Your data and analysis should always be easily accessible without compromising security. Authoring reports should be intuitive and fast, and not only a task for IT professionals.
These are some of the reasons why SCALES recommends using Microsoft Power BI as the reporting and analysis front end.
By using Power BI, you can access your data from anywhere on any device, without complex infrastructure or expensive licenses and startup costs.
BIBuilder4Dynamics builds a model tailored for consumption in Power BI. It can optionally deploy this model to the cloud, eliminating the need for setting up cloud/on-premise connectivity.
Below is a couple of screenshots, showing the user experience in Power BI. Click here to read more or to try it out yourself.

Self-service BI has become a common demand. Opening data up for business users quickly becomes a complex task in relation to security concerns and source system performance impact.
BIBuilder4Dynamics can help you overcome these challenges. It will generate a staging database that is a simplified version of the Dynamics database, optimized for self-service analysis.

Structure is optimized for self-service BI
Substantially simplifies the complex data structures in Dynamics by combining tables automatically
Translate database values (enums) to human readable values
Simplifies combination of multiple interval controlled tables
Generates one-column keys between already simplified tables

The architecture is built to allow easy adoption in your organization. Whether you are starting from scratch, or already have an established BI platform, BIBuilder4Dynamics can speed up your process and automatically handle some or all of the complicated and time-consuming tasks involved in the development.
BIBuilder4Dynamics will create a simplified, enhanced staging SQL database. This database can be accessed directly by existing or new infrastructure. It is also optimized for self-service BI (see previous section).
With BIBuilder4Dynamics you can optionally build a data warehouse and cubes based on the staging layer to allow for immediate reporting.

After installation and configuration, BIBuilder4Dynamics creates a BI solution based 100% on Microsoft SQL Server components. At this point, BIBuilder4Dynamics can be completely uninstalled, as everything will run based on databases, SSIS packages and an agent job.
It is however recommended to leave BIBuilder4Dynamics installed, as it will allow for agile evolvement of your BI solution. Extending your BI Solution is very easy and quick with BIBuilder4Dynamics.

Creates a Kimball and Microsoft "best practice" ETL process
Relies on and generates 100% standard Microsoft SQL Server components
Decoupled from Dynamics - Minimum performance impact and short development and release cycles
Easily add both source based (via SQL Server Change Tracking) and target based delta load
Every aspect of the solution from Dynamics to staging to Data Warehouse to cubes can be automatically build
Developers can still utilize the power of SSIS and SSDT to implement complex business logic

BIBuilder4Dynamics is a tool for rapidly building a durable BI solution where Dynamics is the primary source of data. To ensure complete and relevant coverage, BIBuilder4Dynamics doesn't assume which areas is important for your organization in a prepackaged reporting solution. Instead it lets you choose which data to analyze, and automatically builds all the BI stack components. This ensures that any data can be analyzed, whether it is standard Dynamics, customizations or ISV solutions.
The below screenshots outlines the complete process of building a BI solution from scratch using BIBuilder4Dynamics.

There are three price tiers for BIBuilder4Dynamics. All features are included in every price tier. The price for BIBuilder4Dynamics is only dependent on the number of users in the Dynamics source system. To calculate the price, first derive the calculated users:

Calculated users = number of licensed enterprise user plus a third of licensed functional users

Calculated users below 150

- Small -
Calculated users between 150 and 500

- Medium -
Calculated users above 500

- Large -

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